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I think that is Orlando's only impression throughout the entire trilogy...

I think that is Orlando’s only impression throughout the entire trilogy…

Pew, pew, pew


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Hot water. Good dentishtry. Shoft lavatory paper.

This had better not be Haga!

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Word of Wisdom!

Next-level-tournament-playing-awesomeness does not follow!

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With all this hive of activity, what have I been up to you may ask? (Well, specifically, Kahuna…)

Wood Elves! Mostly assembling them, much as I like the plastics, they are fiddly little munchkins to assemble… I’m concentrating on getting 1500 points planned and painted – September will hopefully be the month for this, but time is once again getting scarce so I shall be under no illusions that Wood Elves will be on the painting bench for the next year!

I managed to play some games against Clee’s Orcs and (an obligatory fanatic totting unit of) Goblins and have been impressed with the fey eco-terrorists, but less impressed with my inability to correctly divine distances. Hmm. A course on guessmanship is on the way methinks…

First project before the painting is the traditional Wood Elf movable wood – guaranteed to irritate opponents everywhere… I’ve picked up some Woodland Scenics Fall Foliage and some wire… Time to put Alan Titchmarsh to shame!

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Having been a good few months since the surprise unveiling of my Tomb Kings army at the Easter retreat, I though I better put up a basic “how to” on dipping as frankly it’s a technique that every painter should consider at one time or another – especially if on a tight schedule… Painting singular miniatures may be an art form, but painting an army is pure science…


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New year and a new approach

Well January is well under way and the clock ticks to the holiday of the year, Brecon and a gaming marathon is only 10 weeks away (or so).  With a few days off before the slog of work starts again I put my mind to the task of finishing the army I plan to use in March…….


2500 points complete, I only need to look at some alternative options as I fine tune the list, but basically – I’m done.

Last unit off the blocks are my Wild Riders that have come out all right I think.  In the spirit of multi-racial harmony I also did some dwarfs for a change of pace. Crossbowmen came out well, the warriors also look fine as well.

Hope you are all as well on the track as I am, enjoy.

(Didn’t mention the p word at all).

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The Travellers Return…..

With the winter trip to the sacred glades of Los Veygas completed, its back to the painting table.  After a bout of 15mm WW2 British infantry to start the Flames of War tasker for next year, I’d better concentrate on finishing this year’s task!

I haven’t got much further with the Wild Riders, although I’ve sort of cracked the horses, just the riders to do.  I’ve also got some base colours on 18 archers to allow some scout/glade guard options, but int he interests of time I dug out some classic models I had started a little while ago.  A heavy session later and they are complete, so 10 archers to add to the force.

I’ll have to concentrate on the Wild Riders if I want to use them on the 12th, and I’ve also got the Noble on the Wild Stag to consider.  Only 13 days to sort them out.

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