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So now Kahuna has got me involved I suppose I’d better write my first post!

Since starting uni almost a year ago, I pretty much stopped the hobby – not on purpose but I just lost the time which I would usually spend on it.

As such, I’ve decided to start getting the ball rolling again – easiest way to do this is via painting.

So I have two projects to work on:

1) My Vampire Counts

I’ve had this army a few years now and with the new army book out (seems a while ago, but I still haven’t played a game with the new list), I’ve decided to re-do the army and paint the whole lot again.
Won’t be long until the boredom of painting skeltons sets in, but Im aiming to paint at least 200 points a month – getting me 2000 done within a year.

The advantage of already having the army is that I’m able to play test lots of lists, but hopefully in the next 12 months, I’ll have a good looking army.

2) Imperial Guard – Cadians
This has been a very long project. I already have a fair portion of an army painted but I’m taking a while over it – so far it’s the army I’m most proud of the way it looks.
I’m not setting myself any targets with this one, but it will be used as a distraction when bored of painting the undead.

Hopefully I’ll get some photos of these done so far up soon.

So nothing brand new for me, instead just breathing in some new life into my existing armies.


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