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Howdy folks, i’ve had a busy couple of months as i’ve been preparing to attend the Tides of Chaos tournament held in Reading. This involved myself painting up some Chaos knights and 2 more characters for my Tzeentch army. As this tournament was introducing a comp system for the first time, i spent quite a bit of time selecting my army, and overall was happy with its performance as all my opponents were tough to play against.
I managed to play some practice games before hand, my favorite being against Skilling, whose Greater demon of Nurgle miscast and destroyed himself.
The tournament itself was held over a weekend and consisted of six games with fully painted armies. I had some great games, and some not so great games, but fought against no armies i would consider unfair or cheesy, the only problems i had came from the personalities of a couple of players,(asking my previous opponent what items my characters had) etc.
Even managed to fit some Cut throat caverns in the evening so i was pretty much gaming 24/7. So to sum up i had a great weekend and I’m already thinking of what ill take next year.
Andrew one of the lads who helps run the event has sent me some of the pics taken whilst we were all playing so ill be putting those up in the gallery section soon
So what am I doing now?
My energy is now being put towards a main project with a couple of side quests. I have an American FOW army to put together, which I’m aiming to complete by xmas. I also bought some Uncharted seas stuff at the UK Games Expo, I’m looking to finish these this month, ready to start playing with against Conrad in August.
Plus I have more Chaos to paint and I still want to add to my small Skorne force.
With so much painting to do I have purchased some army builder paint brushes to use, so ill let you know how the quality checks out.
All in all I have plenty of painting to be getting on with so ill stop typing now and get on with it.


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Well I struggled towards the end but here are my painted figs. I painted a combat squad of Space Marines, and im happy with how they came out. So happy in fact that I proceeded to order the Assault on Black Reach box set, and ill be putting them together throughout September ready for the following month.
I also got off my butt and finished the second half of a Chaos Warrior unit that I had started originally last March.
For next months painting target Ill be staying away from the ole Chaos until the new army book is released so ill be concentrating on getting some more Hordes units done and either more Space Marines or a Wild West gang. Ive been managing to get some games in recently, and ive come to realise that im out of practise so fingers crossed ill play some more and if I remember ill take some pics too.
later dudz

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After taking a well deserved month off from painting, im back. Ive started by buying the new chaos plastic spawn figures. Ive kept it basic painting wise as I wanted to try out the Army Painter quickshade, a varnish and shade in one…. Despite seeing the effect on Conrads Khemri I was nervous, and I couldn’t bring myself to dip them in and instead resorted to using a brush. Im honestly surprised by the results and im tempted to go and use it on the rest of the army, but let me know what you guys think…..

Ill be using these in my Tzeentch army, but also plan to use them in Warhammer Quest as Gorgans etc And the aim is to have all the figures needed to play Quest in around 18 months time, and I won’t be the only one contributing towards this. At the same time I want to try and complete other projects that ive had on the go but never finished, such as a Lotr force, Confrontation, Wild west and Warmachine. I think my Dwarfs will be put on hold once again, but one day……
Its going to be a busy year but I really enjoyed using a fully painted army in March and I dont want to fall back on my old ways, time to buy more paint…..

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Wow that week in March never seems to last long enough… I had a good gaming week winning several of my games, but I still cannot beat Chris’s Wood Elves mutter mutter… Pictures of the week will follow within the next couple of weeks just as soon as i get some new editing software.

So what’s the plan now? I hear you ask..

Now that the year is up we will be updating  the site so that everyone can post whether they are going to wales again next year or not.  Ive been inspired by the week away to enter a warhammer tournament held by the good lads of the Spikey Club over in Reading, along with a couple of the other lads.

Ill be taking my Tzeentch with a few amendments, (bloody Dragon Ogres), newly painted figures will of course be added to this site.  I plan to take my camera with me and if i can find the time ill take some pictures of the event.

Throughout the year ill adding to my Chaos army in preparation of the forthcoming new Chaos books due out soon.  Other painting projects will include painting a LOTR force and along with a few other lads getting all the figures needed for Warhammer Quest done, and if I can find the time my dwarf army needs the attention of my paint brush too….

All in all a busy year ahead planned, it was great to spend some time away with the lads and it was even better to see us all using painted miniatures, this may be the future…..

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Bloody Treemen

Wow the end of march is fast approaching, and so is the completion of my army!!! Here is the last of my marauders and two more chariots.  The core of my army is painted now, leaving me with the just the fun stuff to do.  To finish off the army ready for our tournament ill have 3 characters 10 furies and a giant to paint and if I have the time some regiment bases.  Does this mean the end of my painting?  In a word no. When I get back I’ve another 10 chaos warriors to paint and I’ll be adding stuff to the army come the winter when the new demon and mortals army book is released and in the meanwhile I’m planning to add to my Dwarf army so watch this space

Also played a game against Chris, revenge shall be mine….

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67 days and counting…..

Hey folks, march approach’s let all tremble with fear.  I managed to paint my 15 marauders but I am still a lil behind

of schedule which means this month I have to pull out all the stops.  So for this month I’ll aim to paint another 15 marauders and two marauder chariots.  Once those are done i’ll be on the home staight, and I love a challenge.  Also recently I managed to play a 1500 practise game and surprised myself with a convincing victory against Conrads High Elves.  The game has raised some questions with my army selection but I havn’t decided quite yet on how I will procede, but I have some more practise games planned in the coming weeks which I hope will help.  Its nice to see everyones progress and I look forward to seeing the rest of you lads figs in feb

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Welcome to the dark side

Well a week late but my Dragon Ogres are now fully painted.  A momentous occasion as my army is now esily over a thousand pts and a big mile stone of my army is now been completed.

There is still alot to do but i feel happy for having done it anyhow. Right my next step is to help increase my numbers and as its been awhile since ive painted marauders I think its time to paint another unit before I treat myself to more evil goodies(A contridiction I know).  As im still getting used to doing shift work(ie my new job), to make my life easier ill arm these Marauders with double handed weapons.  With no shields to paint this should meanI get this unit painted in no time at all, it also means I get to save some more money as ive blown all my savings to date on those DragonOgres so I hope they are worth it.

Until next time happy painting

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