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Its been a while

I was browsing the site recently and noticed that its almost 10 months since I last posted an update.  In that time I’ve been away for 4 months, moved house and missed the March Brecon games-fest.  On the plus side I’ve managed to keep a slow produciton line ticking over that has produced some reasonable results.

March 2010 will see a change of venue for the games week, we move from Brecon to Ross-on-Wye, so fingers crossed the place is suitable for 6×4 tables…. Game system this time will be Flames of War, a welcome departure from GW, and a long overdue move towards historical gaming. Six willing volunteers will bring 3 Allied and 3 German forces to the tables, for a narrative campaign based on the breakout from Normandy and the advance on Caen. More details as the campaign takes shape.

But back to painting. A Normandy board will require a significant amount of scenery and 15mm is a new scale so new scenery needed. Having been working on these figures for a while I have a number of vehicles painted but this month was all about bocage and scenery. Enjoy the pics.

Scenery pictures 1 2 3 4


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Having been a good few months since the surprise unveiling of my Tomb Kings army at the Easter retreat, I though I better put up a basic “how to” on dipping as frankly it’s a technique that every painter should consider at one time or another – especially if on a tight schedule… Painting singular miniatures may be an art form, but painting an army is pure science…


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