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I know the current flavour of the month is 40k, however i did promise about 6 months ago some photos of my Dark Elf army that I took to Tides of Chaos last year. So here you go!

I haven’t taken pictures of everything as some of it has been packed away, so I’ve posted a selection of what was still lying around (and gathering dust!).

Please bear in mind that they were painted with a tournament dealine looming, I was only ever aiming for them to be table top standard and therefore they don’t stand up too well to the close scrutiny of digital photography! So be nice! Some are better than others though to be fair.

Also, I apologise for the range in colour, contrast and lighting, I have been playing around with a home made light box and the white balance settings on my camera and I haven’t got photoshop, only Windows Picture Manager to edit with!

Any way without further ado…

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As I mentioned, the current trend is for 40k and I’ve resurrected my Black Templar force to compete in the club campaign. I’m currently in gluing and sticking mode but more will follow soon on game reports and painting progress….


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