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The steam engine awakens

So this month i did some more painting and although its probably in violtion of the rules at least i did some painting for my army lol and i painted a steam tank YAY. So only 15 flagellants and 20 swordsmen to go and my army is complete. well 2000pts of it…..


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finally…a blog entry

So its been a while since I graced this blog with an entry hehe and although I havent been logging them I have still been painting up some models…and yes for my empire army and not the Slaanesh stuff I was doing.

So what have I done…well ive painted up a a lord character on griffon which I know in gaming terms will be pretty bad still looks good on the table. This more or less absorbed all my 25 budget for the month. However I think im a couple of months behind on my entries so I also painted up 6 flagellants and saved a little bit of money for next month.

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Well another month over… So what have I been painting. Well as only the unemployed can, I have had a lot of spare time recently to ponder the meaning of life and in what time remaining do some painting.  As a result I’ve massed quite an array of painted Empire troops; over 2000 points wise now. As a result I have given in to my more hedonistic side as it were and started painting Daemonettes (waves fist at Karl for buying them, he knew I couldn’t resist their Slaaneshi beauty).

Now my Empire still has my attention but I have found myself painting the followers of Slaanesh and even writing up a Daemonic Legion list (one army at a time – Ed). Anyway this month for my Empire I bought a Cannon (£12) and a Hellblaster Volley Gun (£12). A Rare Choice I know, but I have enough points worth to justify it. Pictures to follow shortly.

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Hey, well here are some pics of my models. This month I painted up a unit of outriders (£12) and a Hero on Pegasus (£12). I converted the Pegasus rider to have a sword and a pistol. Not sure if it’s gonna make the final army list but I already had the model and had a urge to paint it up so I did. Here are some other pics of other months models to (since I’ve found my digital camera again). Though I think my cameras flash emphasisesthe highlights and metallics harshly

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Soldiering on…

So what have I done this month…. Well with an extra £8.50 on top of the £25.00 to spend this month I could have gone all out but in light of the fact that I haven’t even played fantasy in well over 6 months (as a result whatever I paint up won’t get played with) I painted up 5 figures! Yes 5! At £6.00 pound each 5 pistoliers took up £30.00 pounds leaving me with £3.50 to save up for next month.

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knights pantherwizardhandgunnersmortar

Pics of my painted models so far…I’ve been harassed by kahuna to show something so in desperation I shot some pics off my phone…pretty bad quality but until I can find my digital camera they’ll have to do.

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SO… The first deadline is reached (well for the most part… Scowls in certain direction) and my £50 budget is painted up. It was hard going but I now have a collection of painted miniatures in the colours of Bogenhafen.

I purchased:

  • 1 wizard – £6
  • 1 engineer – £4
  • 1 templar grand master – £9
  • 10 handgunners, various bits, 8 knights (5 painted up to make a unit of 6 with grand master) and mortar and crew – bought from ebay – £22.70 with P&P.
  • = £41.70 (£8.30 remaining)

For those who know me I really dislike bright unrealistic colours on miniatures, who would go to war wearing white and yellow?? So I’ve used a lot of dark colours with cream and purple as the signature palette. When I came to paint up my knights I wanted to represent their significance and importance so used a lot of gold/brass and blue which made them look very opulent. I shied away from silver as it’s too obvious and went for lacquered armour. In terms of what I actually painted – I kept my target quite simple as I knew I’d only get a small amount done on my first attempts. Images will follow as I attempt to find my camera and take some unfuzzy focused shots… FOR SIGMAR!

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