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Warhammer sucks!!

Right after a week of gaming, or some.. ok most would say losing, I’ve come to the conclusion that Warhammer is shit, my teddy has been doing its superman impression for the last week as its still in orbit I threw it that hard.

OK so it was a good week away, even though i did get my arse handed to me, It must be the Khorne tattoo’s interfering with any other army I use. So back to the Khorne Horde it it! … ohh and finishing my slayers and undead guys too. But my Lord Khorne shall have his fill of blood in August. one way or the other.

If you were wondering why I was chopping up so much wood, its all good practice!

and now all I have to do is paint up a bunch of stuff for Flames of War. roll on 18 months time, or whenever it is!


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Dark Tidings

Stirrings from peasants have mentioned a blight in the land, tales of children disappearing in the night. Of travelers vanishing on route from one town to another..

Tales of a Black Coach (not brilliantly painted… but still good enough)

Booga Booga, scared yet? well probably not, but Pete’s having second and third thoughts about showing his ugly mug now.

and well he should, cos I’ve got 10 Black Knights left to paint and 35 days to do it in. I might do a few extra characters too… but not sure yet.

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The Story so far

Right then boys, here’s my stuff so far : My Vamp Count and his Buddy. There’s 2 of those bloody Necro scum. And then some Black Knights to add a little punch, along with some Graveguard. And a few ex Marauders who decided to join my cause.

Next on the way is the return of my little friend the Black Coach…  after its good work in France, it unfortunately got smashed by some peasants. but we have the technology, and we shall rebuild it!

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Paint Club

Alright lads, just had a epiphany or however you spell it. I’m basically starting up a Paint Club, now its similiar to Fight Club… well only with the title, and the following rules.

1. You don’t talk about Painting.

2. You don’t talk about Painting.

3. You don’t talk about Paining.

so that should save me from you guys asking about stuff I’ve not been doing.


If anyone wants to join then let me know.

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Slow like a Zombie

Well guys, my painting has slowed to the pace of a zombie…. a dead undead zombie for a few months, but now the life slowly starts to creep into my paintbrush, I’ve now painted 10 more things!

Yes… you heard me right… 10! the shields were a bit tricky to clean, and glue a little symbol to the front, but I overcame the challenge, and painted them too… hopefully that will snowball into finishing the unit of Black Knights they’re now attached to by the end of this weekend.

After that, the graveguard are getting done, which is a pity as i’ve just seen the sneakpeaks of the new plastic graveguard.. and they are sooooo nice. Pity they’re not released until March. But then i’ll have 3 units of Graveguard to go with my 3 units of Black Knights.

cant wait to see the Knights of the Blood Keep…. I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to join the Black Keep

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The Black Keep Marches

Eventually, From the depths of my Paint Box, My Undead Host marches out to face my enemies and friends alike.

Lets begin with my Blood Dragon Vampire “General”, BD2. The other Blood Dragon Hero, BD3.

Unfortunately I have to have the stupid Necromancers, Mounted and on foot

Then come the Black Knights, BK2, and the second unit BK3 and BK4, The third unit is under construction, but will be riding from the Keep soon enough.

I also painted a Spirit Host for the army BOO!

I’ve also got 25 Skellies knocking around somewhere.

That all I’ve painted so far, with most of the other parts of my army assembled and undercoated.

These consist of 40 graveguard, a Black Coach, a Banshee, a Blood Dragon on foot, a Wight Lord on foot, a mounted Wight Lord, and a mounted Wraith.

Then I’ll be looking to replace the Dire wolves i already have with some tasty chaos hound models I saw on some sight.

I know we’re suposed to be painting according to points per month and all that, but i’m past that stage now. Kahuna should be happy now I’ve eventually posted the pics, even with me using my phone cam.

Maybe one day he’ll eventually pass his Bike test and get a Bike.

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Its Alive, Alive!!!

Well, after months of waiting, i’m back online… so without being online, and playing xbox and things I’ve nearly finished my army. Or would have, If I hadnt been busy with American Football and Riding my Motorbikes.. and watching tv… drinking a few beers….well you get the general idea…. however i’ll try and put a few pics on to let everyone see what i’ve done…

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