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Well another month over… So what have I been painting. Well as only the unemployed can, I have had a lot of spare time recently to ponder the meaning of life and in what time remaining do some painting.  As a result I’ve massed quite an array of painted Empire troops; over 2000 points wise now. As a result I have given in to my more hedonistic side as it were and started painting Daemonettes (waves fist at Karl for buying them, he knew I couldn’t resist their Slaaneshi beauty).

Now my Empire still has my attention but I have found myself painting the followers of Slaanesh and even writing up a Daemonic Legion list (one army at a time – Ed). Anyway this month for my Empire I bought a Cannon (£12) and a Hellblaster Volley Gun (£12). A Rare Choice I know, but I have enough points worth to justify it. Pictures to follow shortly.


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