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I’ve been a bit slack on updating the blog so it’s about time I wrote something!

I suppose I better start with a round-up of how I got on at Sheffield Slaughter…



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Two weeks ago the Dark Elves rocked up to Cheltenham without a game pre-arranged – there were going to be enough of us looking for Beasthammer practice that it wouldn’t be a problem though.

I paired off against Rob’s High Elves – his Book of Hoeth Shadow elves smashed me off the table last time we played. However, he had a poor run out with them at the last tournament he attended and the Beasthammer comp has forced a rethink for Rob’s High Elf tournament build.

Was this the opportunity to get my revenge?


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A bumper edition to my blog this month – it only contains one battle report – a comprehensive run-down of the eagerly awaited High Elf game… and it’s rather lengthy. So put down the paint brush, pop the lid closed on that pot of paint, grab a cold one out of the fridge and sit back and have a read…!


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Hmmm. As I write this, Kahuna is taking test swing at my head with a lead pipe, better have something good up my sleeve then… Erm. This month I ‘ave been mostly dusting off Elves… Spearmen and archers were butchered to sit in chariots and more Spearmen and archers have been prepared for painting… Mass re-basing is also planned… Frankly cause the original basing is crap…

So, what have I achieved with all this “revisitation” this month? Well… I’ve painted some armour on some barded elven steeds. Oh yes. I’m blazing a trail ahead!

So, I have to finish those Dragon Princes and attack 20 more Spearmen… That way I will actually be able to show my face again in public…

Or I could get a dragon. Or two.



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Dolly was right…

Another month gone already? Ack.

so what have I been up to since my dramatic Eastender-esque swap to High Elves?

Well. Not a lot. Gaming wise at least. I think I’ve converted a musician, half painted some Elven Steeds and bought some wizards. Hmm. Not exactly scintillating progress, I’ll admit… As some of you may be aware, I’m off to Japan to see my girlfriend this month (this coming Monday to be exact) and have been busy preparing for this momentous occasion. Well, working an additional job (who would have though that buying cash for Japan, car insurance, road tax and MOT would fall over the same month?!) which has thrown me out of the normal routine somewhat leading to progress being rather stunted. I will be in Japan for almost a month and jet lag willing will hopefully by back painting end of this month! (No really, I mean it this time, and not in a fake new prime minister, new cabinet kind of a way…)

So what will I turn my brush to? Well obviously my Dragon Princes from last month need finishing, and I might as well consider painting the other 5 too! In addition, I quite fancy a re-base of the army. The army is rather old now and the paint job does reflect this, so new bases will hopefully improve the overall look! Call it fussy, or even somewhat obsessive compulsive but I think it would be a Good Thing. Besides, it will also give me a chance to re-varnish the beggars by hand as I do not trust those coats of “Purity (Oh Har De Har) Seal” I applied all those years ago…

Musing away here, next on the list will have to be another unit of Spearmen and some characters… Although the new book is rumoured in November, so I may leave the characters as long as possible to see what the ‘new’ hero slot is like… Besides, I can see it being Christmas by the time the Dragon Princes are finished… 😉

Oh by the way, go see Transformers. Tis ace.

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Hmm. Another month and my army stands at nearly 1000 points… “How could he do this?” I hear you say. “Why have his thumbs not fallen off and his hands spontaneously combusted? Hold on, wasn’t he nearer 500pts at the beginning of May..?”

Ok, ok, ok. Hands up. Big cheat. Blunderbusses have not trebled in points, there has just been a change of regime… As some (well, all) of you are aware, there is a gaming trip organised for March. One of the key points being “Armies to be painted.” Ah. Looking at the progress I’m making, there is no way I will finish my Chaos Dwarfs by then. I’m a slow painter, working 7 days a week and painting an army from a white undercoat… I will have even less time from September… I suddenly had that feeling that one of Sadoka’s victims have when she crawls out of the TV… It was time to admit that it wasn’t going to happen, so I began to scout round my other armies for a new contender…

I needed something easy (I mean Undead easy!) to paint with a high points cost. My Dark Elves and Bretonnians were discounted as they have not even been started, the Skaven were ignored as I’ve painted over 120 miniatures and am yet to break 750 pts… Then, from ancient drawers, dusty and hidden I heard a little “Cooooeeeee!” Yup. The High Elves fitted the bill.

For anyone who are unaware, my High Elves are what I affectionally refer to as my “Hissy Fit” army. I ordered them while I worked at Games Workshop as I couldn’t get the bits I wanted for my Skaven on staff discount. Although I like the miniatures and the background (although both have been slightly lack-lustre in 6th edition) I do despair of the army list.

The problem I had was simple. The High Elf list was written to complement the Dark Elf list (which was released first) as written by… Yep. You guessed it. Gavin Thorpe. Now, due to a well deserved uproar from Dark Elf players, ol’Thorpy admitted he had written a bit of a dog and some updates were rushed through. However, the High Elf list stayed the same: it is now in an unfortunate position. Dark Elves are cheaper and just as effective, Wood Elves are only slightly more expensive and more effective. Now, some of this is down to racial differences and an attempt to create a noticable difference between the three lists – but seriously, it leaves the High Elves a bit out on the limb… I also understand the fallacy of comparing points across armies, but honestly, between High Elf Citizen Levy and Wood Elf Glade Guardians and Eternal Guard there is no contest! If army lists were cars, High Elves would be Rover. Lots of potential, but with an execution that leaves a lot to be desired…

However, as many of you know, I do own a Rover 45… So High Elves it will be. I do understand that the High Elf list can be effective, but mostly only if you max out on certain things (Silver Helms and magic come to mind and not forgetting the obligatory Swordmaster unit), thus all the successful High Elf armies look rather similar: the so-called “Cookie Cutter” army phenomenon.

For those like myself who have faith in the famed Elven Citizen Levy (I know we are rare! 🙂 ), you face a conundrum… Sacrifice effectiveness for fluff? Yup. Why not? So, for June, what to paint?

Well, the original idea behind the force in the deep dark past was of a Caledor themed army. This would rule out certain units that one always sees in a typical High Elf force: Silver Helms and Swordmasters. I saw an army of the Citizen Levy of Caledor, backed up with support from the troops of Tiranoc, Ellyria and Nagarythe (as reflects the nature of these troops) with a proud (then normally by turn two, strangely absent) unit of Dragon Princes as the cream of the army. I may be stoic (how apt!) and return to this ideal, unit effectiveness be damned! If Dragon Princes refuse to lower their standard to the Phoenix King, then I refuse to compromise my army for the inadequacies of the current list!

Of course, this may involve a lot of losing. Ah well. Moral victory perhaps? Or hope a new reshuffled army book comes out before March… 😉 (Of course the problem with this is the reshuffle of the army list that may follow! Oops. Elves always striking first and Lion pulled chariots anyone? Personally, I’d prefer heavy armour, but it may give my 250pt Spearelves a chance to beat cheaper units of troops in combat… )

Therefore, this month sees 5 Dragon Princes awaiting paint. As befits the high status of these elite troops, I intend to pay a little more attention to these miniatures (although still paint them as quickly as possible). My army is one of cream, gold and lacqued red armour, providing a striking and dark contrast to the classical white, silver and blue High Elf Armies. The Dragon Princes will reflect this scheme, but will have more red armour and black horses (as opposed to the brown Ellyrian and Tiranoc horses) to help distance themselves from the masses in the army.

I’ve also found my digital camera, so real life willing, pictures of the army will be up later this month…

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