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The six week holidays are nearly over and I have procrastinated far too much on the painting front. I’m targeting a return to tournament gaming – with an event earmarked in November. So it is time to knuckle down on the hobby front and get some painting done!

I have spent the last few months buying odds and sods off eBay to bulk up unit choices and have built, converted and prepared plenty of models. After waiting for ages for a dry, wind free weekend I finally managed to get some under coating done over the Bank Holiday –so expect some painting updates sometime soon!

Playtime isn’t completely over, practice games continue so I do have a few game updates…



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two Thanes, but which to use


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Where did I put those axes?

So, my dwarf throng is nearly fully painted for the tournament, the question is, where next for my focus?

There could be only one way, SLAYERS!!!

The one thing I always seem to fail on with my dwarfs is, surprisingly, leadership. It cost me the game against Bryan and I remember a 1500pt game where my general and the unit of ironbreakers he was with fled off the board due to a failed terror test, the answer, an unbreakable army, besides, i’ve perfected painting ginger so there was never really any alternative.

So, what to take?

Here is my first choice:

1 Daemonslayer

4 Dragonslayers (1 with Battle standard)

3 units of Slayers

4 Doomseekers

1 Brotherhood of Grimnir

Malakai Makaissons Goblin Hewer

I’ve just got to find some Doom seekers, or convert them, the rest i’ll ebay….

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Stand Forth the little men…

Is it working? just give it a thump then. There, that’s better, stop whining manling, if it was dwarf built it wouldn’t have broken in the first place.

Now where was I? ah yes…

Welcome to the saga of the Clan Ingfaer and their stoic and determined march towards victory.

First let me tell you a tale of  treachery and underhandedness by those most untrustworthy of races, elves, sure these liked to wear the darker tones, but you can’t trust them just the same.

The warriors set up on the right flank with the quarrellers holding the hill, the two units of ironbreakers on the right with the two bolt throwers and the organ gun, facing them the elves set up as far away from the quarrellers as they could, hugging trees in a truely elven fashion.

The first couple of turns saw a desultery exchange of shooting with little or no visible effect, even though the elves resorted to using magic they couldn’t gain the upper hand as the dwarves closed on their foes. The one bolt thrower was destroyed by shades which then exploded killing all but one  of them, the organ fired what turned out to be it’s only shots, virtually wiping out the harpies.

Thane Gorin shouted words of challenge to the corsairs who couldn’t fail to accept, closing in to recieve their just rewards, unfortunately they just couldn’t understand when they were outmatched and refused to flee, locking in one of the units of ironbreakers. The other unit was charged in the front by black guard and the flank by cold one knights, Lord Ingfaer set down his oathstone and vow to leave it by victory or death… thus began two of the longest combats i’ve ever had, lasting three turns, being joined by a unit of spearmen with an assassin and resulting in the deaths of two battle standards, a thane and the assassin, as well as decimating three units.

Meanwhile the organ gun was destroyed by concerntrated fire from four units, the second bolt thrower was charged and destroyed by dark riders and the hydra melted half a unit of warriors. Thhe game was sitting on a knife edge when the final combat and act of the game took place…

Lord Ingfaer and his Ironbreaker unit (reduced to 8 ) faced off against 4 Cold ones and 5 Black guard, the dwarfs lost by 1 and needed to roll 9 or less, the dice were thrown and came down on….. 11, the dwarfs fled and were predictably cut down, handing victory to the elves.

Lessons to be learned from this game:

1) When setting up ensure that your war machines don’t have to move.

2) Try and get units in a position to flank and not blocked by terrain

3) Don’t chase units that you don’t need to….

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