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Its been a long time coming but I have finally painted last months figures.  Buying Warhammer Online was a big mistake,(as it soon took up my spare time) but I won’t be buying a subscription until after Feb, so I can avoid further temption .

So I managed to complete a second tactical squad, there fore completing the mimimum troops requirement. I also painted up a unit of terminators. This means I have now painted up the contents of the AOBR box set.

Ive still got a long ways to go before im ready for the Wales tour 2009. I will be spending the remaining days this month on adding to my troop choices as two will not be enough, and I will be adding a HQ choice.  If im real lucky I will have time to add a fast attack choice too.

Expect another post soon, later dudes


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A 40K Winter

Right cancel all previous plans, it looks like if we go away to Wales next year the theme of the week will be 40K. Its a mixture of good news and bad news. The good news is its going to an awesome week with themed boards and a campaign to match. The bad news is I have around 6 months to paint up a 1500 – 2000pts Blood Angels army.
This wasn’t planned until a couple of weeks ago which means ill be painting a mass of figures and terrain over the following months. Ive started this month by completing a 10 man Tatical Squad and a dreadnought from the Black Reach box set and a Warlock for my Skorne, although that little project is on hold until further notice. A good start and I like how they have come out but there is plenty more to do, so next month ill be painting up the rest of the contents from the Black Reach box set.
Ill also be picking up the new Space Marine Codex next month so ill be able to decide what else ill be painting once I get my grubby hands on it.
Until next month later dude.

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Well I struggled towards the end but here are my painted figs. I painted a combat squad of Space Marines, and im happy with how they came out. So happy in fact that I proceeded to order the Assault on Black Reach box set, and ill be putting them together throughout September ready for the following month.
I also got off my butt and finished the second half of a Chaos Warrior unit that I had started originally last March.
For next months painting target Ill be staying away from the ole Chaos until the new army book is released so ill be concentrating on getting some more Hordes units done and either more Space Marines or a Wild West gang. Ive been managing to get some games in recently, and ive come to realise that im out of practise so fingers crossed ill play some more and if I remember ill take some pics too.
later dudz

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