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Ok so the God of Pleasure has taken a firm hold and has prevented me from getting any painting done. I’d love to be able to produce photos of massed ranks of Cult followers, all neatly painted and smelling of varnish but unfortunately I can’t. And it’s all because I’ve been having too much fun!

Poker league nights at the pub got changed to a Monday, which coincided with the night I set aside for painting. I now play football (round ball, hooligan version) twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays, which is surprisingly enjoyable considering it’s technically classed as exercise. Friday nights are still pub/snooker night and Saturday is dedicated to my son. So that leaves Tuesday and Wednesday. And unfortunately I fear my missus will leave me soon if we don’t spend some ‘quality time’ together (her words not mine!).

I have also had to battle with the elements, spend time sunning myself on holiday and at various golf events and do my share of wedding organisation (apparently in the modern era of marriage the bloke has to plan, organise and pay for stuff as well!). The first of these ‘normal life’ interruptions nearly ended in disaster. During this year’s monsoon season my cellar flooded. The cellar also doubles as my painting dungeon. I nearly had a Corsair Sailing Fleet. If I’d arrived home half an hour later they would have been trying to evade Pershore.

But seriously, I exaggerate slightly. I have got my quota of 9 witch elves painted to a gaming standard but not finished to a level of detail I am happy with. It is also the second lot I have painted. The first lot came out looking like they had contracted a disease belonging to Michael Jackson. The skin tones were blotchy and uneven and I was not happy. The hair looked worse than Buzz after a trip to Dave the Night-time Hairdresser and his patio salon. And the lipstick effect I was going for looked more like they had gone down on each other at the wrong time of the month. So I stripped them down and started again. The second attempt is OK and hopefully I will improve with practice.

(Photos to follow as I’m typing this at work at the mo as my laptop is knackered. I also have a problem at home in that every time I log onto the Internet Slaanesh intervenes and has me surfing and looking at porn. (I wonder if that’s why my laptop is bust…..))

Next months target? And what will I be painting?

Well to be honest my next deadline might as well be the end of September and I’m not too sure on prices (as the online store is barred at work) so we’ll have a wild stab in the dark (“which is, incidentally, what you’ll be getting if you don’t start being a bit more helpful” Ah I like Blackadder, where did I leave that DVD? No, no, no I must paint not watch DVD’s)

Where was I? Ah yes, this month I will mostly be painting:

Command group for Witch elves/Devoted of Slaanesh
5 Dark riders

£25 for this month and I still have £4 left from before so with £29 I should be OK, if only Slaanesh would get off my back……..


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Start of June, month one and here is a newbie report.  What shall I spend my money on?  A hero and some core troops would be the sensible option but unfortunately not possible.  Some big ugly Chaos blokes to add punch?  Nope out of the budget and not needed yet.  Devoted of Slaanesh are a 1+ choice therefore I need a unit in the army and a logical place to start.  Witch Elves are beautiful models, (only allowed out of the case after the 9pm – ED (You haven’t seen my “Classical” Amazon army yet… – Conrad)) and will be ideal, especially as I have some knocking around here somewhere.  However, they are expensive!  At current GW prices 9 Witch Elves will set me back £21.00 and the command unit will have to wait until next month.

Well that’s it then.  What else am I going to spend £4 on? (A couple of pots of flesh coloured paint? – Conrad)  Into the bank it goes ready for a little extra next month.  At least I’m breaking myself in gently.  Less than 3 figures a week?  Easy!

Colour scheme will be simple.  Black and purple seems traditional and if I get a bit excited maybe some splashes of turquoise.  Only downside is they don’t seem to be wearing many clothes (Sorry, don’t think I read that correctly… A whatsidenow? – Conrad). Now how do you paint flesh again? The green goes where?

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