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I see battlefields of green…. Gretchin too
I see ’em fight… For me, not for you
And I think to myself… What a Waaagh-de-ful World

But seriously, what have I been up to with the ol’ Orks..? Well, after a serious bout of swapsies, I’m sitting upon a nice horde, with only a few more elements remaining to get. Erm, that’s about it really… I’ve got to start assembling the blighters and work out how to paint them now!

I’m considering a Bad Moonz themed force, so boyz (mostly shootas) supported by shiny goodies, which will take DakkaDakka.com’s Ork Tactica prize for being a rubbish choice which won’t win anything, but hey ho…

Painting wise, I’m considering a mixture of washes, basic highlights and then Army Painter dip for that “for Mork’s sake, I ain’t got the time” finishing touch… I just have to get some test miniatures assembled first… Watch this space! But don’t hold your breath!


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Kahuna has badgered me to keep my updates punctual so here is a brief look at the little painting I have managed in the last month or so.  Much of my available time has been spent collecting and basing a veritable horde of Lord of the Rings figures for the Fields of Glory rules, the trial game proved the concept and it definitely is a work in progress.  I’ve also installed a 8 ft x 6 ft gaming table in my garage – so let the epic games commence!! Gaming has taken off, with regular Flames of War and Warmachine games taking primacy.  So the evidence is as follows:

Warmachine Cygnar Gun Mages

ACW Union Infantry Brigade

Ork Mob and Boss and Heavy Weapons

Plans for the next few weeks are to paint some more Orks and then get hold of the new 40K box set – so even more orks……and some more ACW infantry.  Enjoy.

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