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Hi all! Jabba here, returning from the hum-drum of normal life. After hearing there was a new WH40k rulebook out I got in touch with a few of you to scope out opinion. I was happy to find out that Conrad, Kahuna and Skilling (lifer) were all very much still in the hobby.

Conrad and Kahuna have also kindly pointed me in the direction of this blog site which I think will be an excellent incentive for me to get…..wait for it….a WHOLE army painted!!!!

I will try and keep this blog up to date as much as possible. At the moment I am deciding on which army to begin my comeback with. I have it narrowed down to 3 40k armies: Eldar, Tau and Marines. Eldar purely because my missus bought me some tasty Harlequins; Tau as, for some reason, love the Vespid and Kroot models; and Marines as I have always wanted to do a Soul Drinkers or Black Dragons chapter.

I’m currently reading through the Soul Drinkers omnibus and getting a lot of nice ideas for that but I am also swaying towards Black Dragons as there is a new Land Raider variant on the horizon that boasts super heavy flamers of some kind.

If someone wants to roll a dice for me that would be ace. 4+ and I’ll do Soul Drinkers 😛

Speak to you all soon,


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