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So? What have I been up to? Nada. Zippo. Nil point. Just been working and gearing up for the move away from the Shire. But I’m feeling more motivated and hobby ready now more space lurks on the horizon!

Having thrown my hat into the ring with regards to the 40k campaign (the Boyz still need arms!) I was interested to see Wox’s Night Wolves. You see, he had elected to do a Chaos force but using the Space Wolves Codex. His reasoning is sound, you get a more aggressive elite army (indicative of a force that as spent many years fighting the Long War) and it’s more retinue based (again very in with the socio-politic situation in the Eye of Terror). This got me thinking. Before then Ol’Orks I had flirtations with Alpha Legion and Wordbearers and I started to wonder what, if any Loyalist Chapters best suited them. The Alpha Legion’s organisation and tactics are still work in progress, but Wordbearers turned out to be simpler than expected.

“Does this guy ever shut up? Heck, I’m going in…”


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Yeah, I know, the Ork puns will eventually dry out. But hey; enjoy it while it lasts!

So… What have I been up to? Well, mostly painting Ork boyz! I’ve recently rediscovered the enjoyment of painting, mostly due to the wonderful character that these models possess. I present for your viewing pleasure, one work in progress boy and three from my previous batch of 20… In my opinion, the hooded Warhammer Orc head works well with the Bad Moon theme…

The painting is simple, shade, basecoat and one highlight – and as little paint mixing as possible. My trick last time was using the The Army Painter’s dip, but this time I am going dip free – my latest obsession are the Citadel Washes. While I decry the decision to drop the inks completely, the washes are a helpful tool – rendering the use of my Vallejo glaze mix redundant in all but the most specialised of cases.

Ok, ok, I know that they haven’t got any arms… They will eventually be Shoota Boyz, and when assembling them I decided that it would be easier to paint the arms and guns separately (they’re not as helpful as Space Marine plastics, but then they’re not a bunch of pansies either…) but underestimated the logistical problems of sticking them together afterwards… This has been impounded by my accidental alteration of the skin mix on the second batch (well I am only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night…) so will require me to be extra careful!

Well, by the time of the gaming weekend (well for me, anyway) I should have 40 Boyz assembled and painted, with a Warboss, 3 Mega Armoured Nobz and 3 Killa Kanz undercoated and ready for action…

In the pipeline is still my Warboss conversion, a Deff Dread, Shokk Attack Gun, a Battlewagon, Flash Gitz and yet more troops… This army is now my official long term project of 2009… If all goes well: Apocalypse Christmas 2009 anyone?

Waaaaagh Gitzmasha is coming…

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