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New year and a new approach

Well January is well under way and the clock ticks to the holiday of the year, Brecon and a gaming marathon is only 10 weeks away (or so).  With a few days off before the slog of work starts again I put my mind to the task of finishing the army I plan to use in March…….


2500 points complete, I only need to look at some alternative options as I fine tune the list, but basically – I’m done.

Last unit off the blocks are my Wild Riders that have come out all right I think.  In the spirit of multi-racial harmony I also did some dwarfs for a change of pace. Crossbowmen came out well, the warriors also look fine as well.

Hope you are all as well on the track as I am, enjoy.

(Didn’t mention the p word at all).


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The Travellers Return…..

With the winter trip to the sacred glades of Los Veygas completed, its back to the painting table.  After a bout of 15mm WW2 British infantry to start the Flames of War tasker for next year, I’d better concentrate on finishing this year’s task!

I haven’t got much further with the Wild Riders, although I’ve sort of cracked the horses, just the riders to do.  I’ve also got some base colours on 18 archers to allow some scout/glade guard options, but int he interests of time I dug out some classic models I had started a little while ago.  A heavy session later and they are complete, so 10 archers to add to the force.

I’ll have to concentrate on the Wild Riders if I want to use them on the 12th, and I’ve also got the Noble on the Wild Stag to consider.  Only 13 days to sort them out.

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Wood Elves Snooze Through Autumn

Crikey its nearly the end of October and I’ve painted bugger all elves.  Not quite true, I did manage to finish a Branchwraith, but thanks to work and holidays September was a right-off.  I have painted 4 Empire artillery pieces, 10 Swordsmen, most of 10 Militia and stated 25 halberdiers – but that doesn’t count at all.  I only have 2-3 units of elves to paint, 10 archers and/or 8 scouts and 6 Wild Riders.  I’ve picked up the Stag riding nutter of a character on e-bay but am unsure of his potential – who stomps around on a monster with light armour and no shield.  I might just paint him bright yellow with a bulls-eye on his chest.

In between xbox sessions, late nights at work and a new-found requirement to visit the gym more often (or buy larger trousers), I will endeavour to do better this month.  The figures are back out of the box and on my painting desk, if only I could remember where all my green and brown paint is………

…………………..oh look there’s my 10mm WW2 tanks, they’d be really quick to paint…………

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A busy period the summer – all the usual activities abound and work ploughs on regardless. The last month has includes two trips abroad and the associated catching up in the office.

Never the less I have tried to keep some painting momentum going, not always with great success. With regards my Wood Elf army for March’s tournament I have completed a unit of 6 Waywatchers as a Rare option. Not too sure on their value for money points wise – but killing blow and denial of march moves may prove useful if I can keep them away from any magic missiles.

From an army construction view, all is pretty much in balance. My last two units of strike cavalry and extra archers give me all the options – just need to work out how to put them together. That and getting my head round the use of my slightly unusual character choices.

As a distraction I have also started tidying up my Empire army – originally to prepare for sale, but maybe not now. I have finished the first unit of handgunners and will paint some more before deciding on the army’s future.

So not a huge return for this month’s instalment, but I have a quieter couple of months ahead, so will make a point of getting some figures done.

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A successful month; two more games, two more victories, (we shall have our revenge – Ed) the luck of the painted figures holds true.

I have completed my Warhawks finally and they are worth the torment they have caused as I hope you can see.

I skipped any new purchases last month to catch up, so I will spend my money/points on 6 Wild Riders (£31) and a box of Glade Guard (£18), leaving a pound remaining.  This means i can paint some combat cavalry and also field some scouts.  I will spend the £1 on biscuits as I get hungry in the painting room (he gets hungry leaving the paint room too – Ed).

I will also convert some to double as Waywatchers, which effectively completes my army!  Of four Core Choices I am only missing Eternal Guard, of 4 Special Choices I have all of them, and out of 3 possible Rare Choices I have 2, I can always grab a Great Eagle from my High Elf army when required (so thats three in reality).

So 3 units to paint, a unit of 10 Archers, 10 Scouts/Waywatchers and 6 Wild Riders.  lets get going.

PS: with the lack of extra Wood Elf figures I completed two more Wolfen and some FoW figures.

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“Hot of the press, pictures of my other nobles are here and here, I forgot to photograph them earlier.  Also a sneak previews of my Confrontation Wolfen I’ve recently purchased…..my first Wolfen Warrior and an Elven ally.  Don’t panic, the Warhawks are getting there.”

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News from the Glades

As April draws to an end it is time to take stock yet again of a month spent painting and modelling.  The mont has gone pretty well – but you may guess it, i haven’t got round to painting the Warhawk riders……. again..  Not to be disheartened, I have managed to do a fair batch of points regardless.

The Treeman is now complete, and im pretty pleased with him (here), he will give a great focal point for larger games.  i also used this month to complete the various heroes i will need, as you can see a Spell singer and a Noble( here and here), will provide the options for characters from now on.  Finally I also managed the box of Glade Riders(here), to give me a fast flanking option for supporting charges.

Inspired by the amount i did achieve I also managed to buy and build a batch of Confrontation figures, an Undead Bloodbowl team and finished painting some Flames of War Bren Carriers – When you are on a roll go with it i say lol

But enough of the diversions, the Warhawks have been started, and will the focus of my painting this month.  But what next?  I could do with more archers, but in a 1500pts game against Dwarfs i played a couple of weeks ago it was the combact troops that won the day.  Indecision reigns and i think ill hold on this month and just finish the Warhawks, saving the £25 for next month and if i have the time i will dig some extra archers out of my bits box.

Army list now looks like this:

Noble, longbow, greatweapon, light armour, doom arrow, helm of the hunt, alter kindred. (156pts)

Highborn, bow of loren, light armour, shield, Amaratine brooch, arcane bodkins. (241pts)

Spell Singer, level 2, longbow, dispell scroll, murder of spites. (175pts)

12 Glade Guard, full command, banner of springtide. (199pts)

12 Dryads, branch nymph. (156pts)

8 Glade Riders, musician. (219pts)

8 Wardancers, musician, bladesinger. (165pts)

4 Treekin. (260pts)

6 Warhawk riders. (240pts)

Treemen.  (285pts)

TOTAL = 2096pts

In all im making huge inroads towards my 2500pt army target, i think a Branchwraith and some Scouts seem likely expansions….

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