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So I went to a 2250pts Warhammer tournament on the weekend along with Clee and Kris. And first off I have to say that I was surprised (in a good way), the Spikey Club held it in a good venue, with a bar next door, it was well staffed by normal guys, non I am happy to say would fit the current critera of a GW Manager. Also on the whole there wern’t that many beardy players there, although tournaments tend to bring them out from under there stones, and this year they seemed to be armed with demon lists, but all the opponements i faced were more interested in having fun than winning at all costs.

How did I do? In one word terrible lol. This was mainly because two weeks before the tournament i received a email informing me that I would have to use the WD list. This put some serious restrictions on what I could field as I didnt want to take unpainted figures (although there were others there with totally unpainted armies which i feel should not be allowed). Will I be going again next year? I think all of us agreed that we want to come back and try again, and by that time the new army books for Hordes of Chaos and Lizardmen will be out so ill have even more choice and a much more competeive list. One thing for sure is ill better be prepared to take on demons as they are very nasty, even when people are not being beardy, which means ill have to get some practise games in as i was very rusty.

On a different note I have been keeping up with my painting and have been persuaded to start a new project… Hordes, which are a pleasure to paint as i love the miniatures. I currently have to idea on how to play the game but once I have painted my 4 man box set ill treat myself to the rule book and maybe even play a small game. I also painted up a unit of leadbelchers as I could use them in both my warhammer army and in quest.

For next months painting project im spoilt for choice as per normal. I have 10 chaos warriors I need to finish to complete a unit of 20 i started 18 months ago so I would like to finally get them done, plus another skorne miniature for hordes. Also with the release of the 5th edition of 40k coming up soon and the rule changes that have been anounced I have been tempted to redo a space marine army so if I have the time ill try paint up a unit. Im also going to purchase some LOTR figs so expect to see them up and running soon.


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