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A successful month; two more games, two more victories, (we shall have our revenge – Ed) the luck of the painted figures holds true.

I have completed my Warhawks finally and they are worth the torment they have caused as I hope you can see.

I skipped any new purchases last month to catch up, so I will spend my money/points on 6 Wild Riders (£31) and a box of Glade Guard (£18), leaving a pound remaining.  This means i can paint some combat cavalry and also field some scouts.  I will spend the £1 on biscuits as I get hungry in the painting room (he gets hungry leaving the paint room too – Ed).

I will also convert some to double as Waywatchers, which effectively completes my army!  Of four Core Choices I am only missing Eternal Guard, of 4 Special Choices I have all of them, and out of 3 possible Rare Choices I have 2, I can always grab a Great Eagle from my High Elf army when required (so thats three in reality).

So 3 units to paint, a unit of 10 Archers, 10 Scouts/Waywatchers and 6 Wild Riders.  lets get going.

PS: with the lack of extra Wood Elf figures I completed two more Wolfen and some FoW figures.


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“Hot of the press, pictures of my other nobles are here and here, I forgot to photograph them earlier.  Also a sneak previews of my Confrontation Wolfen I’ve recently purchased…..my first Wolfen Warrior and an Elven ally.  Don’t panic, the Warhawks are getting there.”

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