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On the tournament trail, Warhammer Doubles May 2013

Following in Warchiefs footprints, I and a friend of mine have decided to attend the Warhammer Doubles tournament at Warhammer World in May 2013, this involves us both writing a 100pt list which will be used to play 5 games over the weekend. I have decided to take my WoC on the road, including some new toys;

Chaos Sorcerer, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar, +1lvl- 160pts

20 Marauders, FC, MoK, Flails- 150pts

21 Chaos Warriors (7×3), Halberds, FC, MoK, Blasted Standard- 436pts

3 Skullcrushers, Standard, Ranger Standard- 250pts

I will probably run the sorcerer with Fire as I’ve lost count of the number of Hydra’s, Abominations and Treekin I’ve bumped into over the years in small lists and with the spell familiar should be able to get Sword of Rhuin to bolster the units against them…


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Howdy folks, i’ve had a busy couple of months as i’ve been preparing to attend the Tides of Chaos tournament held in Reading. This involved myself painting up some Chaos knights and 2 more characters for my Tzeentch army. As this tournament was introducing a comp system for the first time, i spent quite a bit of time selecting my army, and overall was happy with its performance as all my opponents were tough to play against.
I managed to play some practice games before hand, my favorite being against Skilling, whose Greater demon of Nurgle miscast and destroyed himself.
The tournament itself was held over a weekend and consisted of six games with fully painted armies. I had some great games, and some not so great games, but fought against no armies i would consider unfair or cheesy, the only problems i had came from the personalities of a couple of players,(asking my previous opponent what items my characters had) etc.
Even managed to fit some Cut throat caverns in the evening so i was pretty much gaming 24/7. So to sum up i had a great weekend and I’m already thinking of what ill take next year.
Andrew one of the lads who helps run the event has sent me some of the pics taken whilst we were all playing so ill be putting those up in the gallery section soon
So what am I doing now?
My energy is now being put towards a main project with a couple of side quests. I have an American FOW army to put together, which I’m aiming to complete by xmas. I also bought some Uncharted seas stuff at the UK Games Expo, I’m looking to finish these this month, ready to start playing with against Conrad in August.
Plus I have more Chaos to paint and I still want to add to my small Skorne force.
With so much painting to do I have purchased some army builder paint brushes to use, so ill let you know how the quality checks out.
All in all I have plenty of painting to be getting on with so ill stop typing now and get on with it.

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So what have I been doing since my last entry? Anyway, when was my last entry? August 2007? Really? Well bugger me…

GW has kind of taken a back seat for the last year or so. In that time I’ve completed my degree (I got a 2:1), got a full time job (at Bosch), got married (to the lovely Emma), got a part time job (at the Pub) and bought a house (in Diglis)!

But what of gaming related pursuits? Well…

 After my last outing in Brecon I went a bit mad and bought loads of Magic the Gathering cards and got a few of my mates at Uni into playing. It’s a bit of a laugh after you’ve had a few beers…

 I’ve got back into playing and running D&D which happens to be an age old passion of mine and something I thoroughly enjoy

 I’ve dabbled with my GW fantasy projects. I’ve played around with some army lists to make my Cult of Slaneesh into separate Dark Elf and Slaneesh armies but I’m not up to date on the new releases of Army books and figures etc so this is still a work in progress…

 Even without an army list to work to I can carry on painting! The Witch Elves are painted with the exception of finishing the detail on the command group. In addition, I’ve got one bolt thrower painted and I’ve done plenty of work with spray undercoat! I also managed to get loads assembled during those penniless months spent in University accommodation!

So, anyway, Brecon 09 is nearly upon us and for those who didn’t know its Warhammer 40k this year. I’ll only be there till the Wednesday due to my University Graduation ceremony being on the Thursday and picking up the keys to my shiny new house on the Friday. Got to get my priorities straight apparently, or so the wife tells me anyway…

Now I’ll freely admit that 40k is not my first choice when it comes to game systems. I think I’ve played 4th edition twice and both times my army ended up with more holes in it than the Royal Bank of Scotland’s end of year accounts. So this time will be different. I have a single goal for the week. To win one, single, solitary game. That’s it. Hardly ambitious I know, but surely even I can manage that……

So what army will I be using? Well there’s a funny story there! My first choice 40k army has been on the drawing board for a couple of years now. When they released 4th edition 40k I decided to get my arse in gear, learn the rules and build an army. Well I got as far as buying the army and that was it! So I have a nearly complete, 1500pt Black Templar Space Marine army sat patiently on their sprues and in their blister packs waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

And unfortunately they will still be waiting. With all the good will in the world I planned to put them together in the run up to Christmas and use the festive period to get them painted. Black Templar’s by their very nature should be easy to paint. They’re black for sake! However, in order to afford to put furniture in my, afore mentioned, shiny new house I’ve been working my butt off instead. As well as only having the standard Christmas Bank Holidays off from Bosch, I pulled double shifts at the pub as well. So, as you may have guessed, the Templar’s will not be crusading just yet.

“So what are you using?” I hear you cry.

Well, a while ago, I bought a second hand bargain off that well known auction website. I bought a standard sized Games Workshop hard sided carry case for £70.

“Bargain?” I hear you cry.

Well yes, I know I could have bought a brand new one for £30 but this one just so happened to come with an almost fully assembled, and quite well painted, 1500pt Black Legion Chaos Space Marine army!

The army contains (with photos):

Abaddon (I thought that was a place near Oxford, but apparently not…)
Plague Marines
Khorne Berserkers
Thousand Sons
3 squads of Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Dreadnought

And an expensive carry-case

So, in my opinion, that’s a damn good start!

Not knowing whether this was an army that’s ready to go war, I’ve consulted some other 40k players. Consensus is that my army list is a bit light on Heavy Support and Fast Attack. So I’m off this weekend to spend some of my hard earned Christmas cash on:

A squad of Chaos Havocs
A couple of Obliterators
A squad of Chaos Raptors
And possibly a squad of Terminators if I can stretch the cash and / or credit card that far…

The wife will just have to wait an extra month or two for some new curtains for the guest bedroom, or doilies for the coffee table or whatever else it is she insists we need. I can feel my priorities swinging back in my favour…
However in the current economic climate in makes prudent financial sense to try and conserve cash reserves, so I think I have 2 Space Marine rhinos and possibly a Land Raider that I can convert and claim were ‘captured’. The standard additions of skulls, spikes, chains and axes should give them sufficient chaos flavouring!

These more recent additions to the army will hopefully be assembled and undercoated in time to make the trip and should give me more than enough to field approximately 2500pts. Hopefully by the end of the week through trial and error (and learning the rules) I should have a good, balanced army and have hopefully won a game!! And then probably never ever use them again……

I’ll keep you all posted!

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Well I struggled towards the end but here are my painted figs. I painted a combat squad of Space Marines, and im happy with how they came out. So happy in fact that I proceeded to order the Assault on Black Reach box set, and ill be putting them together throughout September ready for the following month.
I also got off my butt and finished the second half of a Chaos Warrior unit that I had started originally last March.
For next months painting target Ill be staying away from the ole Chaos until the new army book is released so ill be concentrating on getting some more Hordes units done and either more Space Marines or a Wild West gang. Ive been managing to get some games in recently, and ive come to realise that im out of practise so fingers crossed ill play some more and if I remember ill take some pics too.
later dudz

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So I went to a 2250pts Warhammer tournament on the weekend along with Clee and Kris. And first off I have to say that I was surprised (in a good way), the Spikey Club held it in a good venue, with a bar next door, it was well staffed by normal guys, non I am happy to say would fit the current critera of a GW Manager. Also on the whole there wern’t that many beardy players there, although tournaments tend to bring them out from under there stones, and this year they seemed to be armed with demon lists, but all the opponements i faced were more interested in having fun than winning at all costs.

How did I do? In one word terrible lol. This was mainly because two weeks before the tournament i received a email informing me that I would have to use the WD list. This put some serious restrictions on what I could field as I didnt want to take unpainted figures (although there were others there with totally unpainted armies which i feel should not be allowed). Will I be going again next year? I think all of us agreed that we want to come back and try again, and by that time the new army books for Hordes of Chaos and Lizardmen will be out so ill have even more choice and a much more competeive list. One thing for sure is ill better be prepared to take on demons as they are very nasty, even when people are not being beardy, which means ill have to get some practise games in as i was very rusty.

On a different note I have been keeping up with my painting and have been persuaded to start a new project… Hordes, which are a pleasure to paint as i love the miniatures. I currently have to idea on how to play the game but once I have painted my 4 man box set ill treat myself to the rule book and maybe even play a small game. I also painted up a unit of leadbelchers as I could use them in both my warhammer army and in quest.

For next months painting project im spoilt for choice as per normal. I have 10 chaos warriors I need to finish to complete a unit of 20 i started 18 months ago so I would like to finally get them done, plus another skorne miniature for hordes. Also with the release of the 5th edition of 40k coming up soon and the rule changes that have been anounced I have been tempted to redo a space marine army so if I have the time ill try paint up a unit. Im also going to purchase some LOTR figs so expect to see them up and running soon.

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After taking a well deserved month off from painting, im back. Ive started by buying the new chaos plastic spawn figures. Ive kept it basic painting wise as I wanted to try out the Army Painter quickshade, a varnish and shade in one…. Despite seeing the effect on Conrads Khemri I was nervous, and I couldn’t bring myself to dip them in and instead resorted to using a brush. Im honestly surprised by the results and im tempted to go and use it on the rest of the army, but let me know what you guys think…..

Ill be using these in my Tzeentch army, but also plan to use them in Warhammer Quest as Gorgans etc And the aim is to have all the figures needed to play Quest in around 18 months time, and I won’t be the only one contributing towards this. At the same time I want to try and complete other projects that ive had on the go but never finished, such as a Lotr force, Confrontation, Wild west and Warmachine. I think my Dwarfs will be put on hold once again, but one day……
Its going to be a busy year but I really enjoyed using a fully painted army in March and I dont want to fall back on my old ways, time to buy more paint…..

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Wow that week in March never seems to last long enough… I had a good gaming week winning several of my games, but I still cannot beat Chris’s Wood Elves mutter mutter… Pictures of the week will follow within the next couple of weeks just as soon as i get some new editing software.

So what’s the plan now? I hear you ask..

Now that the year is up we will be updating  the site so that everyone can post whether they are going to wales again next year or not.  Ive been inspired by the week away to enter a warhammer tournament held by the good lads of the Spikey Club over in Reading, along with a couple of the other lads.

Ill be taking my Tzeentch with a few amendments, (bloody Dragon Ogres), newly painted figures will of course be added to this site.  I plan to take my camera with me and if i can find the time ill take some pictures of the event.

Throughout the year ill adding to my Chaos army in preparation of the forthcoming new Chaos books due out soon.  Other painting projects will include painting a LOTR force and along with a few other lads getting all the figures needed for Warhammer Quest done, and if I can find the time my dwarf army needs the attention of my paint brush too….

All in all a busy year ahead planned, it was great to spend some time away with the lads and it was even better to see us all using painted miniatures, this may be the future…..

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