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No plan survives contact with the enemy.
The Dark Elves were moving along until a couple of games with an Empire Volley Gun and the whole force was reviewed.
The Executioners are finished, less the standard which will be painted when all other standards are created. The Unit of 15 Spearmen is finished, but now will be bolstered to 20. 2 of the 5 shades are complete and the other 3 are almost finished. 3 Dark Riders complete with 2 more in the pipeline.
This months aim is to finish my Assassin, Dark Riders and the Shades and remodel the remaining 3 Cold One Knights.
Once they are complete then I will move onto the units of Crossbows and Dark Reapers.
That pretty much completes 1500 points and it is time to start thinking big!!!


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