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The War report part 2

Game 2 was against Russ Ward’s Daemons on table 6, I’ve never done particularly well against them as every unit seems OP.

His army consisted of;


2 Tzeentch lvl 2 Loremasters (life and Heavens)


Khorne herald

large block of bloodletters

large block of horrors

2 fiends of slaanesh

5 Furies

soulgrinder with mark of nurgle

3 nurgling bases


My deployment was pretty much the same as game 1 apart from there was no hill so I interspersed my machines between the units.

From left to right for Russ it went Fiend, Bloodletters with herald, wizard (heavens) behind and Furies in front, horrors (lvl3) with life wizard, changling and BSB, ‘thirster, soulgrinder and fiend, the nurglings scouted to my right.

Turn 1

Daemons: His ‘thirster moved first, hiding behind the large tower that dominated just to the centre right of the table, his furies and left fiend swung round to the flank of my army, the right fiend followed suit. the bloodletters marched straight forward towards my longbeards, the horrors edging forward. In the magic phase he cast throne of vines then proceeded to boost the toughness of the ‘thirster by 4 (such a delicate creature as it is). He then cast icy clast on one of the throwers.

Dwarfs: My hammerers and Ironbreakers pushed forward on the right whilst the rest of my line held steady.I dispelled hi throne of vines with my many power dice. In the shooting phase my cannon rotated to face the nurglings for a grapeshot attempt and promptly popped himself, the thunderers and both throwers targeted the horrors, reducing them from lvl 3 to lvl1 wizards in a single shooting phase.

Turn 2

Daemons: The nurglings and fiend charged the flank of the longbeards who were also promptly charged by the bloodletters rolling 3 dice for distance!, the Horrors moved backwards out of range of the thunderers. In magic he cast vines irresistably and made a ward save against his miscast, he lost the remainder of his dice aswell. The longbeards broke in the combat, leaving 12 out of 25 dead, and were chased down by the fiend.

Dwarfs: The Hammerers moved towards the bloodletters who had reformed to look across the front of my army, the 2 thunderer units moved out of their charge arc. the Ironbreakers moved to cover the expossed flank of the Hammerers in case the horrors decided to flank them. I dispelled vines then dropped some rocks on the ‘letters, killing 5.

Turn 3

Daemons: The fiend on the left charged the nearest Grudgethrower, the furies charged the other one and the fiend on the right charged the thunderer unit on the right, finally the ‘letters smashed into the front of the Hammerers. The ‘thirster appeared form behind the building into the flank arc of the Ironbreakers with the soulgrinder moving up in support. In the magic phase he once again cast vines irresistably but then lost his remaining power dice (Yes he had rolled two 1’s to avoid miscasts). The furies killed two crew, who killed one in return and held due to stubborn, the fiend killed 1 crew who also held. The other fiend killed 2 thunderers who held due to Generals LD. The lord challenged the herald who rolled 2 killing blows, which I saved as I’m immune to it, he struck back causing 3 wounds, both the ‘letters and hammerers caused 7 wounds, they took their instability check at ld 2 and rolled 11, losing 9 more.

Dwarfs: The Ironbreakers turned to face the ‘thirster, everything else was locked in combat. I dispelled vines then it was straight onto combat, the fiend killed the last crewman on the one grudgethrower, the fiends fluffed their rolls and lost another member, the final fiend killed 1 thunderer leading to a drawn combat. The hammerers and lord reduced the ‘letters to 5 after instability checks.

Turn 4

Daemons: My opponent charged the ‘thirster and soulgrinder into the Ironbreakers, the unengaged fiend into the other thunderer unit. He didn’t cast any magic as he didn’t want to risk another miscast. In the combat phase the last of the ‘letters popped allowing the hammerers to face towards the now engaged Ironbreakers, the furies killed the last crewman and the two units of thunders held. The thane in the Ironbreaker unit issued a challenge which the ‘thirster had to accept, he inflicted 3 wounds on him (as he had 2d6+2 attacks I was happy with this trade off) the unit suffered 5 wounds, including thunderstomps,  and was taking a test at -3, I used my rune and rolled 1 dice for my test so they held.

Dwarfs: The hammerers charged the ‘thirster allowing the lord to issue a challenge, after all the dust settled he suffered 1 wound, the Ironbreakers lost 4 more and caused no wounds which meant I won!!, neither of the monstrosities suffered any wounds due to the proximity of the BSB. Both Thunderer units lost a single model but held still.

Turn 5

Daemons: He moved his unengaged units away to avoid throwing away points. Still he cast no magic. The Thunderers and fiends flailed at each other ineffectually, more ironbreakers were lost but due to the layers of protection on my lord he suffered not a single wound, again my opponent rolled well for his instability and suffered no ill effects.

Dwarf: The thunderers took down one of the fiends, the other unit once again doing nothing, the lord suffered 1 wound in the challenge and lost the combat by one, both units passed their break tests with ease.

Turn 6

Daemons: The fiend killed another thunderer, leaving 4 in the one unit and 6 in the unengaged unit, again the ‘thister battered uselessly against the lord and they lost because I can play dead cool music, the hammerers were well above half strength and the ironbreakers still had 16.

Dwarf: The fiend and thunderers remained locked together for the final turn. In the large combat the ‘thirster rolled 10 attacks, hitting 8 times and wounding 7. three 4+ saves were made first time, another 3 saved on the reroll, it came down to a 4+ ward save for my lord, the dice bounced and came up a……2! my Lord was dead on virtually the last dice roll of the game, I had won the combat but again his instability checks were fine.


I had lost, but only on a 13-7 result, against Daemons I’ll take that any day, the look on my opponents face when my lord kept shrugging off the ‘thirster’s attentions was priceless, he survived 5 rounds of combat with one of the nastiest beasts in the Warhammer World before he finally fell.

My final game was originally going to be against my first opponent but following a discussion with the organisers we swapped with the next table along, so I ended up with….. Tomb Kings(?!) and my first opponent faced Chaos Dwarfs with 2 Iron Daemons, 2 Magma cannons and a K’dai destroyer(!!!!!).

Watch out for the final instalment….coming soon….


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Return from the War

So last saturday saw myself and Kris head down to Reading for the Spiky Club Winter War 1 day tournament (yes I was off the reserves at this point), for my first game I had drawn Tomb Kings and Kris had drawn Lizards. My target was a middle third finish, let the games begin…

Unit   Type Equipment Unit Upgrades Runes Points
Dwarf   Lord (King Gunnar Ingfaerson) Great Weapon Shield Bearers Rune of Stone,   Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Spite & Rune of   Furnace 271
Thane   (Thorek Ingfaerson) Battle Standard   Bearer Rune of   Cleaving & 2 Runes of Fury, Rune of Stone 165
Thane   (Marek Ingfaerson) Great Weapon Oathstone Rune of   Resistance, Rune of Iron, Rune of Stone & Master Rune of Challenge 159
Core   Units
25 Dwarf Warriors Great Weapons   & Shields Veteran,   Standard Bearer, Musician & Longbeards 375
10   Thunderers Shields 150
10   Thunderers Shields 150
Special   Units
27 Hammerers Shields Gate   Keeper, Standard Bearer & Musician Rune   of Battle 406
Cannon Rune   of Burning & Rune of Reloading 105
29 Ironbreakers Full Command Rune of   Determination 427
Grudge Thrower Rune of Burning 85
Grudge   Thrower Rune of   Penetrating 105
Total 2398

GAME 1 VS Michael Browning (Tomb Kings)

Michael’s army consisted of;

3 units of 5 horsearchers

7 chariots in 1 unit

5 necropolis knights

2 units of 10 archers

large unit of tomb guard



tomb prince

2 tomb priests (light and death)

Casket of Souls

lvl 4 Nekhara on steed


I set up my Longbeards on the left, with the thunderers in the middle, the artillery were on the hill behind with the Hammerers to their right and the Ironbreakers anchoring the right, the lord and BSB went into the Hammerers and the oathstone thane in the Ironbreakers. From left to right for Michael were Warspinx, 2 archer units, tombguard with 2 horse units behind chariots then the knights with the casket between, 1 unit of horse deployed to my right as scouts, the tomb prince, Necrotect and light priest went into the tomb guard, hierophant into tne horse unit behind and the death priest into one of the archer units.

Turn 1

Dwarfs: The Hammerers and Ironbreakers edged forward and the Long beards started the long march towards the archers. The opening salvo of shooting saw the Warsphinx obliterated by the cannons first shot, 1 Grudgethrower misfired and suffered a wound, the other dropped a rock on the tomb guard killing 6.

Tomb Kings: Tomb guard, knights and chariots moved straight forward, with the archers and horsemen advancing behind, the scouting horse moved behind the ironbreakers to snipe at the warmachine crew. In the magic phase Desert Wind moved the Tomb Guard forward. In the shooting phase 1 crew member and 2 Thunderers were killed by the combined fire of the Tomb Kings bows.

Turn 2

Dwarfs: The only movement was the Longbeards continuing their advance. The shooting phase saw the cannon destroy 1 chariot and the 1 Grudgethrower destroy another, the Thunderers shot another 6 Tomb Guard.

Tomb Kings: The chariots charged the Hammerers and the Knights charged the Ironbreakers, the scouting horsemen charged the nearest Grudgethrower. In the Shooting phase 2 more Thunderers were killed then it was onto the combats, the chariots hit the Hammerers, killing 4 with impact hits, a further 5 were killed by the crew and horses, when the Hammerers hit back the BSB caused 2 wounds, the lord 2 and the unit caused 5, this left the unit with 2 chariots left, 1 on only 1 wound. The knights killed 6 Inbreakers but sufferd 7 wounds in return leaving 3. The horsemen only killed 2 crew meaning that the unit survived.

Turn 3

Dwarfs: Longbeards carried on forward, the thunderers killed 4 more Tomb Guard (who kept getting replenished by the lore of Nehekhara), the cannon misfired. In the combat phase the hammerers finished off the chariots and the Ironbreakers reduced the knights to a single model. The final crewman was killed by the horsemen.

Tomb Kings: The Tomb Guard charged the Hammerers in the flank and the horse moved towards the next warmachine, the archers shuffled backwards away from the longbeards. In the magic phase the Tomb Guard were boosted by time warp and cursed blades, the casket got cast at the cannon, who died horribly, followed by the thunderers who suffered 4 wounds on the second unit. The Knights finally died leaving the Ironbreakers free to move next turn. The Hammerers got mangled, losing 11 but held due to Stubborn, reforming to face the Tomb Guard (the Lord killed the unit champion in a challenge).

Turn 4

Dwarfs: My opponent had made a big mistake, he’d pushed his Hierophant’s unit behind the knights to ensure that his spells were in range for bubble augments, he now stood 9 inches in front of my ironbreakers who promptly charged and reached him. The Longbeards attempted, and failed to reach the archers, the thunderers turned to face the scout horsemen. The second Grudgethrower destoyed itself with a misfire. The Tomb Guard reduced the hammerers to a single model , the lord killed the necrotect in the challenge, again staying due to stubborn. The Iron breakers wiped out the horsemen and the Hierophant causing his units to start to crumble.

Tomb Kings: He lost 1 unit of archers and the 2 remaining horse units to crumble tests. In the magic phase he cast time warp again on the tomb guard. In Combat he killed the BSB and last Hammerer, the lord killed his Light wizard in a challenge then proceeded to pass a ld 7 break test (my opponent was annoyed at him at the moment as he’d rolled 3 killing blows and 2 wounds across the challenges but he’d passed his saves and is immune to killing blow).

Turn 5 & 6

More crumble test reduced him to just the Tomb Guard, who were being slaughtered by the lord who was all but untouchable, only a couple were left at the end, and the archers with the death priest.

Final Result 16-4 victory to the Dwarfs!

Games 2 and 3 I will write later on (Table 6 vs Russ Ward’s Daemons)

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I may have hinted previously that I was looking to re-introduce myself into tournament gaming. Well that time has arrived… In November, myself, Santilago and 4 others from the Cheltenham Warchiefs will be travelling down to Portsmouth to take part in the ominously named ‘Beasthammer’ – a 90 player Warhammer Fantasy event that promises to provide a tough challenge to even the best players on the tournament scene. GULP.

So I suppose it’s time to have a look at the Comp Pack and see what filth I devise….

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