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Undercoating when its snowing is a bad idea.

This month I have entered the modelling frenzy good and proper. Ahead of a week of gaming with most of you at the end of Feb I have found myself focussing on 3 main gaming systems. I am currently working on a Lawbringer gang for this excellent Wild West game that Aitch and Stu introduced me to, Tau for 40k and I have taken delivery of a new Menoth starter army for Warmachine. This also means 3 new sets of core rules for me to learn! Phew! At the moment of writing the models are merely half assembled in most cases. Over the coming weeks I will be updating this more often as I actually get some painting done and have some pics to post! Laters, Jabba.


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Kahuna has badgered me to keep my updates punctual so here is a brief look at the little painting I have managed in the last month or so.  Much of my available time has been spent collecting and basing a veritable horde of Lord of the Rings figures for the Fields of Glory rules, the trial game proved the concept and it definitely is a work in progress.  I’ve also installed a 8 ft x 6 ft gaming table in my garage – so let the epic games commence!! Gaming has taken off, with regular Flames of War and Warmachine games taking primacy.  So the evidence is as follows:

Warmachine Cygnar Gun Mages

ACW Union Infantry Brigade

Ork Mob and Boss and Heavy Weapons

Plans for the next few weeks are to paint some more Orks and then get hold of the new 40K box set – so even more orks……and some more ACW infantry.  Enjoy.

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