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I think that is Orlando's only impression throughout the entire trilogy...

I think that is Orlando’s only impression throughout the entire trilogy…

Pew, pew, pew


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Hot water. Good dentishtry. Shoft lavatory paper.

This had better not be Haga!

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Word of Wisdom!

Next-level-tournament-playing-awesomeness does not follow!

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OK – Beasthammer is over and done with – so its time for a quick review…


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Following on from Warchief’s adventures in Warhammer…

First and foremost, as most of you know; I didn’t make Tides. Too much to paint and to much real life stuff going on. But I have been busy! I have been assembling! I have been painting! I have discovered an irrational hatred for Bestigor miniatures!

I’ve even managed to play a few games…


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Not the nuts!

The big muscle bound Arnie-type chap is a visual metaphor for Dark Elf magic and the Beastman is a literal example of what happened to my troops… I’m at the bottom right impressed at the outcome…

He is not a Gor. He is a piece of Gromril…

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