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Wow these last few months have flown by and it’s nearly time to Mosey on down to Wales for another week of Gaming madness. Ive spent the last few weeks busily painting more Blood Angels completeing two more troop choices and a fast attack unit. Pics will follow in the next day or two once the camera is charged and it stops bloody snowing…..
There is still plenty of stuff that needs painting, such as HQ’s, plenty of tanks, terrain and hopefully i can squeeze in some extra stuff.
I have seven more days at work then my long weekend, which i hope to complete the rest of my foot troops. so fingers crossed you see a 2nd entry this month, maybe even 3 if i can get my tanks done in time too.
Now how to stop undercoat from freezing….


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Wow that week in March never seems to last long enough… I had a good gaming week winning several of my games, but I still cannot beat Chris’s Wood Elves mutter mutter… Pictures of the week will follow within the next couple of weeks just as soon as i get some new editing software.

So what’s the plan now? I hear you ask..

Now that the year is up we will be updating  the site so that everyone can post whether they are going to wales again next year or not.  Ive been inspired by the week away to enter a warhammer tournament held by the good lads of the Spikey Club over in Reading, along with a couple of the other lads.

Ill be taking my Tzeentch with a few amendments, (bloody Dragon Ogres), newly painted figures will of course be added to this site.  I plan to take my camera with me and if i can find the time ill take some pictures of the event.

Throughout the year ill adding to my Chaos army in preparation of the forthcoming new Chaos books due out soon.  Other painting projects will include painting a LOTR force and along with a few other lads getting all the figures needed for Warhammer Quest done, and if I can find the time my dwarf army needs the attention of my paint brush too….

All in all a busy year ahead planned, it was great to spend some time away with the lads and it was even better to see us all using painted miniatures, this may be the future…..

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Bloody Treemen

Wow the end of march is fast approaching, and so is the completion of my army!!! Here is the last of my marauders and two more chariots.  The core of my army is painted now, leaving me with the just the fun stuff to do.  To finish off the army ready for our tournament ill have 3 characters 10 furies and a giant to paint and if I have the time some regiment bases.  Does this mean the end of my painting?  In a word no. When I get back I’ve another 10 chaos warriors to paint and I’ll be adding stuff to the army come the winter when the new demon and mortals army book is released and in the meanwhile I’m planning to add to my Dwarf army so watch this space

Also played a game against Chris, revenge shall be mine….

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67 days and counting…..

Hey folks, march approach’s let all tremble with fear.  I managed to paint my 15 marauders but I am still a lil behind

of schedule which means this month I have to pull out all the stops.  So for this month I’ll aim to paint another 15 marauders and two marauder chariots.  Once those are done i’ll be on the home staight, and I love a challenge.  Also recently I managed to play a 1500 practise game and surprised myself with a convincing victory against Conrads High Elves.  The game has raised some questions with my army selection but I havn’t decided quite yet on how I will procede, but I have some more practise games planned in the coming weeks which I hope will help.  Its nice to see everyones progress and I look forward to seeing the rest of you lads figs in feb

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Welcome to the dark side

Well a week late but my Dragon Ogres are now fully painted.  A momentous occasion as my army is now esily over a thousand pts and a big mile stone of my army is now been completed.

There is still alot to do but i feel happy for having done it anyhow. Right my next step is to help increase my numbers and as its been awhile since ive painted marauders I think its time to paint another unit before I treat myself to more evil goodies(A contridiction I know).  As im still getting used to doing shift work(ie my new job), to make my life easier ill arm these Marauders with double handed weapons.  With no shields to paint this should meanI get this unit painted in no time at all, it also means I get to save some more money as ive blown all my savings to date on those DragonOgres so I hope they are worth it.

Until next time happy painting

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Just in time

Wohoo ive manage to catch up,I have completed July’s and Augusts painting targets.

A Chaos warrior chariot, a Tzeentch champion on chariot and a unit of trolls.

This little lot almost puts me into the 1500 pts bracket,

so to push me over the edge, Septembers figures will consist of a unit of Dragon Ogres.    This will add to the fear factor of the army,

as they have a deserved nasty reputation with the 4 strength 7 attacks each.

I dont think any opponement could afford to ignore them, and i hope to use this to my advantage.

I now have an idea on where my army is going and as winter draws near,

(where was the summer?) and i paint more figures im hoping to get some practise games in.

Good painting everyone, keep up the great work, except Stu and Conrad, who need to dig out their paintbrushes…….

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July is here, ( i hope everyone is enjoying the weather), Ive been looking at what ive got painted over the last couple of weeks and im a lil behind(dam theory tests and family holidays etc), so im going to combine this months and next months figure’s into one mini project and ill post the pics figures as i do them.  Have no fear for there will be pics by the end of the month, and the rest soon after…. now where did I put that paint brush

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