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Undercoating when its snowing is a bad idea.

This month I have entered the modelling frenzy good and proper. Ahead of a week of gaming with most of you at the end of Feb I have found myself focussing on 3 main gaming systems. I am currently working on a Lawbringer gang for this excellent Wild West game that Aitch and Stu introduced me to, Tau for 40k and I have taken delivery of a new Menoth starter army for Warmachine. This also means 3 new sets of core rules for me to learn! Phew! At the moment of writing the models are merely half assembled in most cases. Over the coming weeks I will be updating this more often as I actually get some painting done and have some pics to post! Laters, Jabba.


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Motivation is the name of the game

Hi all, after a few gentle reminders from Kahuna its time for an update. I joined the blog about a month ago and have since gone through several changes of mind about army and colour selection.

I finally settled on Tau as a). I almost have an army’s worth of figs without having to buy much and b). I have 2 squads of Kroot painted.

Choosing the army wasnt too hard but choosing the colour scheme? Effing hell its been tough! I have used online interactive painting software to try out different colour schemes and I even invested in the Dawn of War Anthology. This lets you choose the colour of your armies before they are rendered and brought to life. Great stuff.

I have now settled on the colours used in a pic of the Tau on pg 114 of the new 40k rulebook – white armour and deep red fabric and trim.

I aim to have a squad done this week and have just taken delivery of a forge world crisis suit. Loverly stuff. Pics to follow.

Thanks, Jabba.

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Well after a year of pretty much no painting and only a couple of games, i make my return with the 3k BFG Tau fleet thats been sitting in my wardrobe. Below is the first ship of many to come. I’ll be experimenting with edging a bit more, as this is my first attempt, and try a brighter shade of colour for the next ship, but this is the basic colour scheme.
The fleet itself contains the following;
3 Explorers, 4 Heroes, 4 Merchants, 18 Defenders, 18 Orcas and 3 Messengers.
Also kicking around is an army of Wood Elves, but im still in two minds as to keeping or selling them at the moment.

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