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Warchief and the Stunties

I managed to squeeze in an extra game this week at Wyvern Wargames in Bishampton.

My opponent for the night was Buzz who has signed up to attend the Winter War – a one day event held by the Spiky Club in Reading – and he wanted a bit of practice and was also looking to try out an alternative Dwarf build.

We agreed to use the Winter War comp pack, which is fairly standard, and I decided to use the opportunity to test a different build I have been thinking about for Sheffield Slaughter.

I’ve also had the opportunity to write a more in depth battle report for this one, so sink your teeth into this and enjoy…



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There has been a lot of discussion and interest at the club recently around playing Warhammer at 500 points. Prompted by an episode of Bad Dice Daily (episode 85) the CWC have decided to have a go at running an in house 500 point series of mini tournaments at some point in the near future.

Darren (our resident Lizardmen player) and I had arranged a game for this week and decided to have a crack at 500 points instead of 2400.

But at low points level what should I take?

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In the middle of winter the Dwarves of Clan Ingfaer march to war…

The other day Mr Hester contacted me and asked if I would like to join him at the Spiky Club’s Winter War 1 day event on the 12th January in Reading, my Warriors not being ready yet it falls to the trusted stunties to once more march to war.

3 games of 2400pts all of battleline doesn’t sound too arduous but there is a snag, only 5 warmachines (and yes, that is what an Anvil is these days), my artillery train has turned into a tram….

I’ll have a bash at a few lists, then it will be time for some frantic playtesting (1 month only) but over the years I’ve got a good idea of what will work for me.

Besides, I have some grudges to settle….

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Hot water. Good dentishtry. Shoft lavatory paper.

This had better not be Haga!

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Word of Wisdom!

Next-level-tournament-playing-awesomeness does not follow!

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OK – Beasthammer is over and done with – so its time for a quick review…


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Less than a week to go before Beasthammer – the last 3 months have flown by and I’m still not sure if I am ready…

Time for one final practice game to steady the nerves…!



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